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I build sites using my own modular PHP framework which generates fully compliant HTML5 and all styling is done with CSS3. They are optimised for search engines and are mobile-friendly with a responsive layout. Other features include custom favicon and optional Google analytics with cookie law compliance.

Website built for Loch Ewe Holistics

Loch Ewe Holistics

A site for a massage practice in Poolewe. Special features on this site are a static navigation, rollover effects, collapsable text panels, mailing signup and a simple shop facility.

Website built for Pool House

Pool House

A site for a luxury guest house in the Scottish Highlands. Special features on this site are a gallery plugin, simple news feed and an enquiry form.

Website built for Highland Hideaways

Highland Hideaways

This site is for a pair of self catering properties. Special features are a static menu and background image, and content frames which are floating and have transparency.

Website built for RACP

RACP WWII Festival

This site was bult for the Russian Arctic Convoy Project. It is to provide information about their upcoming event. It was designed to have a retro look and feel, with a limited flat color palette. Special features are a custom image scroller animated in CSS3 and a countdown timer.

Website built for Newton House

Newton House B&B

This site was bult for Newton House B&B in Gairloch. It is a simple site to show potential guests the accomodation. It has a custom rollover zoom on the images written in CSS3. I also took all the photos for this site.


RACMP executive summary

RACMP Executive Summary

The Russian Arctic Convoy Museum Porject is a local charity. In 2015 I worked with Business Frog to produce an executive summary for them. This 30-page document was produced to give an outline of the project that is suitable for potential investors. It needed to look professional, convey essential information and feature high quality images. I was responsible for all elements of the design, including the front page, fonts, taking and editing photos, formatting and layout, branding, and redesigning the logos. This entailed background research into the essential components of an executive summary, referral to best practice guides for such a start-up venture, compiling and writing content, and constant liaising with the charity team to make sure the content met their requirements. The logos were produced using Adobe Illustrator, photo editing was done in Photoshop and the layout was completed with InDesign. This document was then printed and bound by Wordworks Ltd, Gairloch.

Book cover for so what Book cover for Like an Angel Sings

Book Covers for Bryan Islip

Bryan Islip is a local author, artist and poet. In 2016 he published his autobiography "So What?" and novel "Like an Angel Sings". The covers feature extracts from his paintings and after he designed them I was asked to produce the print-ready layouts. This was completed using Photoshop and InDesign.

Newsletter for RACMP

RACMP Newsletter

Newsletter produced for RACMP in December 2015. This involved designing the layout and graphics items, along with photo and text editing. Completed with InDesign and Photoshop.

Adverts and promotional items:

Various adverts for Facebook, Twitter and print media.

Advert created for Pool House open day Advert created for Pool House open day

Pool House open day

This advert series was produced for an open day held at Pool House for RACMP. Shown here are a selection of the adverts produced, which ran on Facebook, Twitter, the local press and posters round the local villages. The project involved designing layouts and photo editing, and was completed using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Advert created for Pool House open day Advert created for Pool House open day


RACMP new logo


This was produced for RACMP as an updated version of their existing logo. The new one needed to reflect their project status and include the charity details.

RACMP Google logo

This was produced for RACMP to be featured on their Google for non-profits account as corporate branding.

Some of the special projects I am involved in

Two Lochs Radio:

The local radio station is currently expanding it's coverage by adding new transmitters and upgrading the current equipment.
The first area being worked on is Loch Diabaig, so far we have assembled a mast and transmitter hut on the hill above Sheildaig.
The biggest challenge in doing this was transporting all of the peices to the site.
The mast was carried up in sections by hand, this was quite a task as the steel sections are very heavy.
The hut is a ready made fibreglass unit was taken up in bits on a quad bike as they were too big and heavy to carry up by hand.
The next stage will be to fit the antennae to the mast and install all the transmitter gear in the hut.

Since then we have also completed a small repeater in Aultgrishan, which serves the Melvaig area.
This is a much simpler setup, consisting of a large pole anchored to a house with two dipole antennae on it.

You can find out more about Two Lochs Radio here.

Russian Arctic Convoy Project:

This is a long term project to build a museum about The Russian Convoy operations during The Second World War.
My involvement is on the technical side and one of my main tasks is setting up and running the presentation and A/V equipment for events.

More information available here or here.