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Photographic film development tools

Push/Pull compensation Calculator

This calculator subtracts the chosen % for every pull stop, adds 50% for every push stop to 2 stops, then ramps up to 3 stops.
These numbers are a guide, they come from rules of thumb and, good old trial and error.
Each film and development chemical mix will have different response curves.
Always test on unimportant shots, using these numbers may lead to unexpected results.
If that happens don't blame me, this is just a calculator not a development rule book.
If the unexpected results look good then congrats, if not just call it "Art".

Input the normal development time:

Adjusted development time is 0 Minutes 0 Seconds.

Dilution calculator

Enter the dilution ratio and batch size to find out how much of each ingredient you need.

e.g. Your development tank needs 650ml for your film, and you want 50:1 Rodinal. Part A is water at 50. Part B is Rodinal at 1. Batch is 650.

e.g. Making 1 litre of HC-110 B. Part A is HC-110 concentrate at 1. Part B is water at 31. Batch is 1000 so the answer is in ml.

You need 0 part A and 0 part B.

Always remember film is an analogue process and as such is subject to ±50% tolerance.